June 09, 2013

i bought a notebook.

yesterday i went to The Mines. sadly to say nowadays i have this compulsion to eat whatever my mind came across to. so yesterday, i thought of eating sushi. so me and Eid did.

its been few weeks i kept thinking about starting to write, since i have to send an article before 26th of June. but sadly i have no idea what to write. something that is actually serious and meaningful. i can spew whole bunch of socially unacceptable writings but to create something that captures reader is quite hard.

so ive watched few journals video, how to write one, how to keep one and so on.. and thus i think, i need a book. one i can carry anywhere and write. and its ironic to think that i need a book since i own a Note II. but putting that aside, im a bibliophile. there, i said it. a notebookphile specifically. a cool design notebook always captures my eyes. especially the blank one without any lines.

so, im thinking of buying a Moleskine. since that is like the ultimate notebook money can buy (i think) so i thought of selling my kidneys off. but the situation of my financial wont allow me. so..... i wont buy one. not for now.

but, i finally got one notebook yesterday for sketching my ideas about what im going to write for MARA articles. and please somebody, anybody suggest me on what to write! and teach me!

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