March 07, 2015


sometimes, i wonder what the phrase of be yourself means.

how do you be yourself?

how do i even start to be myself?

sometimes, i wonder whether i am even myself at times.

who Hark Zainal really is.

when you think you know yourself, but at times you surprise yourself with some mess up things you do. and wonder why did you do it.

you have so many masks, and you wear different mask every time you are with a different group.

have your feeling ever feel so messed up you just want to scream and punch everyone but instead play it cool because you don't want to be seen as different?

sometimes, i wonder.

if i ever be myself, will you accept me for who i am?

for who i am as a me, and not who i am, for what i have and what i have achieved.

when was the last time you said "this is me" to someone?

sometimes you act the way you are because you want to blend in. feel normal and not rejected.

have you ever felt like, who am i and where i am?

sometimes, there are some things you want to be but it translated into something different and you are seen as an outcast. different.

sometimes, that is who you are but you never show it before until time went by.

have you ever act as someone different because you want to impress someone and that someone doesn't like it?

sometimes you think one thing and you say another, because you care it might bring different implication. so you pick a safe answer instead.

what the hell do people want? 

what the hell do i want?

bloody hell.

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