November 12, 2014

the Kingdom.

the last time i had a dream of going to the UK was 5 years ago. it was 2009. i've just graduated from UTM KL and was wandering around Mid Valley Exhibition Centre during the UK Education Expo. armed with just a sad CGPA and no clue about electrical (which was the course i took during Diploma) i set out to find an opportunity which i can exploit to ensure i will be boarding an airplane to the Her Majesty's Kingdom. 

the dream of living in the UK has always been alluring and enchanting. growing up reading Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter, definitely elevate the feelings of wanting to be there, where all the magic happens (and Privet Drive address in the book is in Surrey!)

i met with few UK Uni representative and found out that Hertfordshire has a course that suit to what i wanted to study, eventually. MEng. in Telecommunications Engineering, a degree that what i thought will eventually push me further up to the technical world's ladder. and reality came tumbling after i did some financial calculations, i finally found out there is no way i could manage to fund myself during the 3 year period.

well dreams don't always come true, and that was my sad case. but i don't mind really, sometimes fate takes you where you want to go (and where you don't want to), and you can always work hard for it. 

anyways what happens next was, i worked for a year or so and enrolled into UniKL British Malaysian Institute for my degree. during those years, i never did forget to pray that God will grant my wish to study in the UK. it was something i carry throughout my entire working and degree days.

anyways fast forward, 5 years in 2014. finally i am here in the realm of The Queen. the road was long and hard, i have to say. lots of thing i have sacrificed to be here and so many things happened along the way.

money was out of the question, it flows like the river.
time, i have sacrificed lots of time with my family to do some work and being away lots of time.
energy, meh. lots of sleepless nights.
Dad was sick on a few occasion and i have to be away. that was the saddest part.
and trust me, there was loads of hardships and rejection along the way till sometimes you just lose hope in humanity. and why it has to happen to me.

but i kept on going because there was nothing really for me to hold on what is real, i guess. at this point of my life, i don't even know what is real anymore (emotional teen alert)

but i have always believed that dreams and possibility are endless. you see what you perceived. if you see it on a negative point-of-view, and it will always stays that way. if you see it from a positive side, it will always be that way. and God was kind enough to lend me a positive heart and mind.

i also was fortunate enough to meet loads of great and inspirational people along the way that helped me and i can't thank them enough for what they had done to help me. from BMI-MARA-Harel and those i met you in any way.

currently i am in University of Surrey library, writing this. only if you believe and work hard, i guess anything is possible.

good things don't always happen to people like me, but i guess it would be fair for you guys to know that i finally made my dream came true.

and you should start working on yours too.

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